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Thank you for delivering what you promised! 




"What a relief! Inventory day used to be a nightmare…and then I would dread the next one for 364 days."

"The reason I love you guys is that you arrive, do your job, which allows us to do ours!"

"Love your push-button Excel files. They make reviews a snap."

“Thanks for your consideration of our staff’s needs while you are here.”

"The first time I’ve ever been relaxed on inventory day!"

"I don’t know what those guys were doing last year, but I think these guys actually counted the stuff!"

At the Supermarket

QIS provides inventory services for large hospital pharmacy and retail inventories.

Welcome to Quality Inventory Services


Since 1976, QIS has been providing the most accurate inventory services and solutions available. While we specialize in university and public hospital inventory systems, we also work in a variety of retail areas as well. Our nationwide coverage of inventory solutions for small businesses and our hands-on approach to hospital pharmacy inventories provides you with the most accurate and hassle-free annual data. Our crews have the technical expertise and practical experience to make this normally frustrating time much easier on everyone involved.


  • We use a variety of pharmacy inventory management software as well as Electronic Redbook data

  • Our goal is complete accuracy, and we welcome you to audit our work once completed

  • If you use a specialized pharmacy inventory system data structure, we can adapt to it

  • Our pricing is all inclusive and custom reports are never charged extra

  • We use the NDC; wholesaler shelf tags are never required for accurate inventory


We strive to make the process of taking inventory stress free for you and your staff. Our many years of experience with a variety of retail inventory management systems and structures mean we can easily adapt to the way you run your business. We can quickly adjust our software to work flawlessly with a variety of specialized data structures. After all this time, we have yet to find one we cannot work with.


Our crew is experienced, professional and will get the job done quickly. Whether we need to handle multiple pricing levels or adjust for price vs. pack, we ensure accurate pharmacy inventory services that allow you more time to focus on other areas of business. If you have any questions about our inventory services or would like to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. While we are located in Merriam KS, we do service clients all over the United States.

Our greatest value is the experience and technical expertise of our management and teams, as well as the stress free inventory environment we produce. Also, our pricing is all inclusive and custom reports and exports are free.
 Visit our FAQ Page for more information. 
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