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From our base in the Kansas City area, we travel nationwide for hospital pharmacies, with some of the largest public hospital systems in the nation on our client roster, some approaching twenty years with QIS.   University and public hospital systems have become our specialty over the years, but of course, we count all kinds and sizes of pharmacies.


QIS’ retail inventory service customers tend to be concentrated in the Midwest and include many customers who have been with QIS for over twenty years, and a few who go all the way back to 1976!   Customer loyalty is extremely high and we rarely lose a customer for any reason.

Our Staff

Our staff is extremely experienced with several managers with over 30 years with the company.  The “hands on” philosophy of QIS means that nearly all inventories have multiple, very experienced supervisors.  We recently pulled the time cards for an inventory with a crew of 20 people.  The average experience on that crew was eleven years, and there were five supervisors on the crew.   We don’t hire just for the busy times, so your crews will be familiar and knowledgeable about your specific needs.

Less Stress

The single biggest advantage for you in using QIS is that you can stop worrying about your inventory counts.  We always perform targeted recounts of our crews, whether you ask for them or not.  We have a complete set of internal controls to do the management of the crew so you don’t have to.  If you ever felt like you had to chase the inventory crew around because they were totally clueless or seemed lost we are worth a try if only to see what an inventory looks like when that is no longer necessary.  Stress proof. What a relief!

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Mission Statement:

“Commitment to Excellence is the
Key to Success. Period.”

Quality Inventory Services










“The reason I love you guys is that you arrive, do your job, which allows us to do ours!”


“What a relief! Inventory day used to be a nightmare…and then I would dread the next one for 364 days.”


“Great reports! Going paperless with PDF’s and Excel files saves us time and money. ”


“I don’t know what those guys were doing last year, but I think these guys actually counted the stuff!”


“The first time I’ve ever been relaxed on inventory day!”


“Thanks for your consideration of our staff’s needs while you are here.”


“My old crew used to give me a pile of raw data and it was my job to look for errors. You produce a finished product consisting of proofed and checked 



The Best of Both Worlds


Quality Inventory Services (QIS), founded in 1976, is among the most highly respected firms in the nation.    From our roots in retail inventories all the way to our highly technical expertise in hospital pharmacy inventories, we have come to symbolize the perfect blend of the high tech capabilities of a national service, along with the good old fashioned customer service of a smaller company.

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