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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

My current crew keeps messing up the price vs. pack size and my data comes out a mess. How do you handle that issue? 
QIS goes through an analysis process of the pricing files before the inventory to make sure the pack size is correct. Also, we subscribe to the Electronic Redbook, which makes pack size comparisons easy. 

Can I audit your work? 
Of course! We have a very open attitude and system because we want the same goal as you: an ACCURATE inventory. 

Why would I use QIS over any other service? 
Our greatest value is the experience and technical expertise of our management and teams, as well as the stress free inventory environment we produce. 

Can you produce a specific file structure of our choosing so we can upload data to our system? 
Yes! We have designed many output files to specifications and have yet to find one we couldn't handle. 

Can you adapt as we integrate new technology into our operations?
Yes! We have been adapting to the changing needs of university and public hospital systems for many, many years. We have seen all kinds of automation, and can handle many specialized data structures both inbound and outbound.  

Do you charge for extra reports or exports? 
No! Our pricing is all inclusive and custom reports and exports are free. 

Do I need to have wholesaler shelf tags in place everywhere? 
No! We use the NDC, which means that even merchandise that is not behind a shelf tag gets counted.

Can you handle multiple pricing levels? 
Yes! We routinely handle concurrent Inpatient and Outpatient/340B pricing schedules. 

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