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Quality Inventory Service specializes in hospital pharmacy inventories, and over the years we have developed extensive expertise in counting University and Public Hospital Systems.   Our software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of some of the largest systems in the country. Clients rarely, if ever, want to switch away from QIS once they have experienced our incredible service!

Our greatest value is the experience and technical expertise of our management and crews, as well as the stress free inventory environment we produce. 


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“What a relief! Inventory day used to be a nightmare…and then I would dread the next one for 364 days. ”


“Great reports! Going paperless with PDF’s and Excel files saves us time and money. ”


“I don’t know what those guys were doing last year, but I think these guys actually counted the stuff!”


“The first time I’ve ever been relaxed on inventory day!”


“Thanks for your consideration of our staff’s needs while you are here.”


"My old crew used to give me a pile of raw data and it was my job to look for errors. You produce a finished product consisting of proofed and checked 

Advantages of Using


  • We offer a finished product, not a pile of raw data for you to dig through! QIS managers and crews are ever vigilant about catching errors.  We recount ourselves all the time. We also zero in on possible price vs. pack size errors, which are a big problem with many inventory services.  Full analysis of the wholesaler’s pricing file prior to your inventory means we are catching pack size anomalies and not dumping them on you!

  • Experience, experience, experience.  And most importantly, experience
    with major hospital pharmacy inventories. There probably isn’t much you can throw at us that we haven’t seen before.


  • Two-tiered pricing sets are available.  Our software can account for either Inpatient or Outpatient/340b processing in the same inventory.  Many other inventory services would have to essentially run two separate inventories in order to accomplish this.  Ours is entirely integrated.

  • On-site processing of data.  No having to send the data back to the “home office” for processing.  Our laptops are doing that on the spot, which adds to the transparency of our procedures.

  • Latest equipment.  Our handheld PC’s are state of the art and specifically designed for taking inventory.  We have the latest version of the electronic Redbook loaded onto each unit for immediate feedback as to the validity of the data entry.

  • Electronic Redbook Subscription.  Our clinical information for reporting comes from the electronic version of the Redbook.  This means we don’t have to “just know” which drugs are controlled substances, for example.  Any inventory service you consider should subscribe to one of the major electronic databases or they aren’t playing in the big leagues in this business.

  • No Wholesaler shelf tags necessary. Everything we count is recorded by NDC, so everything gets counted, not just the merchandise behind a shelf tag!

  • PDF reports, hardcopy reports and Excel files are available on-site with the push of a button, and later allows for ease of archiving the final data.

  • Ability to process data from automated pharmacy equipment such as Pyxis, ScriptPro and AcuDose machines.  Procedures vary from client to client based on what information client is able to provide.

  • Open system of reporting.  We are very open with our data and enlist the help of our customers in the final wrap-up process in terms of looking for errors we may have missed.  A pharmacist or buyer will spot things that may have escaped our attention, as we might spot things a buyer would not.  Everything is a team effort between your staff and ours.

  • Most importantly, QIS takes the stress out of the inventory process for you.  You should be able to maintain your highest priority of superior patient care, while we bean counters take care of the rest.

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