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We are Quality Inventory Services, Inc., and we are based in the Kansas City area, with two KC locations, plus Warrensburg, MO and now Emporia, KS.  We are a service business that takes inventory for other businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, warehouses, etc.  We send in a team of “auditors” with specialized calculators or computers and we count and put a value on all inventory in a customer’s facility.


            Q.I.S. has been in business for 40 years and has performed over 40,000 inventories.  We have an excellent reputation, of which we are very proud.  We emphasize accuracy and consistency in our work and have a very loyal client base, some of which have been with us for our entire forty years in business.  We are a company with which you can be proud to be associated, where putting your best foot forward and doing your best work will bring you the rewards you are looking for.

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