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“Whether it’s Hospitals or Retails….it’s all about attention to detail!”

QIS’ roots are in retail, warehouse and asset inventories, with a wide variety of products counted over the years.  We’ve been around so long that our inventories were originally handwritten on a specialized form.  Today, we are known for our high tech inventories, and ability to handle the following: 

  • Complex inbound POS files of any format.

  • Custom outbound file structures for customers’ use in updating store systems.

  • Push button Excel exports of inventory data.

  • PDF or RTF reports standard, along with hard copy if so desired.

  • Secured FTP file transfers for large files.

  • Custom Reports and Exports are free.

Retail/Other Services

Our greatest value is the experience and technical expertise of our management and crews, as well as the stress free inventory environment we produce. 


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Long Term Customers Include:


  • Dillon Stores (Division of Kroger)

  • Baker Stores (Division of Kroger)

  • Gerbes Stores (Division of Kroger)

  • Ball’s Food Stores

  • Cosentino’s Stores

  • McKeever’s Stores

  • Most of the independent grocers in the Kansas City area.

  • AIS in Michigan

  • Monarch Inventory in Kansas City

  • Riggins Inventory in Texas


You get the best of both worlds with QIS….high tech capabilities like the national services, but with the pride and attention to superb service of a smaller company.


“ The reason I love you guys is that you arrive, do your job, which allows us to do ours! ”


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