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Find Out About Your Store's Profitability with Our Inventory Management Solutions

No matter what type of retail business you are in or what size your business is, you need to maintain an accurate account of your inventory. Your inventory is where you make your money and if you do not keep track of it, you will not know how profitable the items are in your store. An accurate inventory count can also tell you which items are selling and which are costing you money to keep on your shelves.

Fast, Accurate Inventory Counts

Counting inventory every quarter can be a tedious job, but it is a vital task for your business. Fortunately, our business, Quality Inventory Services, or QIS, can take the monotony out of counting your store's inventory. By using the latest technology, we can get a fast, accurate account of what you have on your store's shelves and back in the stockroom.

Our inventory takers utilize laptop and handheld PCs to get an accurate account of the merchandise in your store. Our special handheld PCs make quick work of your store's inventory and we process the data on-site instead of sending it to the main office. Our inventory management solutions get the inventory reports in your hands faster than ever, which helps you get your bookwork done faster as well.

Save Money with Our Services

By using QIS inventory management for small business, we can help your business save money on the reports you receive from us. While other companies may charge to customize reports for your needs, QIS does not charge for this service. We can break down your inventory counts in any way you need. We also offer your reports in both RTF and PDF formats and, in addition, we will provide you with a paper copy of your inventory if you wish one.

While we have several large clients, such as many of the Kroger associated grocery stores in the Kansas City area, we also provide many smaller area stores with inventory management for small business. Many of the independent grocers in Kansas City and Bob Jones Shoes are just some of our other clients.

Quick Updates for Inventory Records

Along with processing the data on-site, we can provide files so you can update your computer systems quickly. Our inventory management solutions can provide custom file structures so you can update your store's inventory on your own computer system. We can also save you money because custom reports and exports are free of charge when you use our services.

By using the latest technology for fast, accurate inventory counts for your store, you can keep your records up-to-date and find out which products will increase your store's profits and which are dead weights. Our services can help your store make more money.

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