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Our Pharmacy Inventory Services Will Provide You with an Accurate Account of Your Inventory

Keeping track of your pharmacy inventory is not only important for your company's profitability, but you also need to track inventory for your customers' needs as well. It can be difficult to keep track of so many pills, but the services of QIS, Quality Inventory Services, can help your pharmacy keep track of everything and make it easier to update your store's computerized inventory.

Reliability You Can Trust

At QIS, we have been keeping track of pharmaceutical inventories for grocery store chains and hospitals since before our inventory system was computerized. Our company was founded in 1976, so we have almost 40 years of experience in the pharmacy inventory services business. Our clients include some of the largest retail stores in the country including some of the Kroger brand grocery stores, Ball's Food Stores and Patricia's Stores.

Services We Offer

Our pharmacy inventory management system is a high-tech system that we can use to account for your pharmacy's inventory and produce POS reports in any format that you need. We can also create custom file structures for our clients so they can update their stores' inventory at any time. We can also send out client’s inventory information in RTF or PDF file formats and we will include hard copies of the reports if requested by our clients.

For hospital clients, our pharmacy inventory management software can account for both inpatient and outpatient processing within the same inventory run. Other inventory companies have to do two separate inventories to accomplish what we can do in one run. To provide the best pharmacy inventory services we can, we use only the latest technology to service our clients.

High Tech Inventory Solutions

Our pharmacy inventory management system employs the best technology in the business to complete your pharmacy inventories. We use the latest handheld PCs that are specially made for taking inventories. It makes our job quicker and easier to do. The quicker we finish with your inventory, the faster we can produce the reports you need for your business' books.

We also use laptops that process the data about inventories on-site. We don't have to send data to another office for processing and we can get your reports back faster. Our laptops use our pharmacy inventory management software to account for everything in your pharmacy department and help you get an accurate account of your stock on hand.

While accuracy is important for any business, it is vital for pharmacies and hospitals. They have to have accurate records of how much and what medications they have on hand and how much of their inventory has been dispensed. With our high tech system, we can help you account for every pill or drop of medicine in your inventory.

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