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If you are the manager of the inventory for a pharmacy or hospital you need a smoother process in place to make it easier for staff to check documents and get records.

Quality Inventory Service specializes in hospital pharmacy inventories, and over the years we have developed extensive expertise in counting University and Public Hospital Systems. Our software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of some of the largest systems in the country. Clients rarely, if ever, want to switch away from QIS once they have experienced our incredible service!

Get your free assessment on how to eliminate errors and better management. QIS managers and crews are ever vigilant about catching errors. We recount ourselves all the time. We also zero in on possible price vs. pack size errors, which are a big problem with many inventory services. Full analysis of the wholesaler’s pricing file prior to your inventory means we are catching pack size anomalies and not dumping them on you!

Contact QIS today!

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