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No longer dreading the inventory

When the clock goes off is the first thing you think of the bad inventory situation at work? Well life does not need to be that stressful and Quality Inventory Services can help!

Our staff is extremely experienced with several managers with over 30 years with the company. The “hands on” philosophy of QIS means that nearly all inventories have multiple, very experienced supervisors. We recently pulled the time cards for an inventory with a crew of 20 people. The average experience on that crew was eleven years, and there were five supervisors on the crew. We don’t hire just for the busy times, so your crews will be familiar and knowledgeable about your specific needs. Time to enjoy the day and go with a proven company.

Check out some customers testimonials: "What a relief! Inventory day used to be a nightmare…and then I would dread the next one for 364 days." "The reason I love you guys is that you arrive, do your job, which allows us to do ours!""Love your push-button Excel files. They make reviews a snap."

More and more customers are showing satisfaction with our services. If you are with a hospital, pharmacy or retail location we have the services you need. Contact us today.

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